Why are you receiving a ValueMags magazine?

Recently, many individuals have been contacting ValueMags Tech Support to understand why they are receiving a magazine from ValueMags. Below are the answers to why these individuals are receiving magazines sent by ValueMags!

There are two reasons that you are getting a ValueMags sponsored magazine when you did not explicitly order it: it was sent through a ValueMags partner or it was a promotional offer.

In the case of partner orders, the [name of magazine] was included at no additional cost with your purchase from [Partner Name] you have not been charged. We do not have your billing information. This subscription will NOT auto-renew.

In the case of a promotional offering, your subscription to [magazine title] was created through a sponsored online promotional offer.  Unfortunately, there is no indication which sponsored offer initiated the magazine and someone could have signed up on your behalf.

 You have not been charged and we do not have any credit card information.  There is no automatic renewal for this subscription.  You will not be billed for receiving this promotional subscription.

In both cases, ValueMags does NOT have your billing information, only your mailing address. The mailing you received may be a renewal offer rather than a bill. If it is a renewal offer, you can simply disregard it if you do not wish to renew.

Also, these mailings are standardized and go to all subscribers as they approach their expiration dates and often include statements regarding automatic renewals.  Automatic renewals only apply to subscribers who have provided payment information to the publisher for renewals.  Again, we do not have your credit card information.
We do not automatically renew any of the subscriptions that are processed through our agency.

It is important to take away that if you have received magazine(s) from ValueMags and want to ensure that it does not happen again, call ValueMags today or contact us through this website so we can track you and remove you from our mailing list. ValueMags has many partners so it is important when you are ordering items online to read through the terms and conditions. There may be a checkbox in those terms and conditions to be checked off if you do not want to receive other promotional items.


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French Election Restores Hope: May 2017 International News

It was a concern for many. The French Elections would likely determine a three-way power axel if Le Pen won. Alongside Trump and Putin, the trio would form a dynamic trio that would call all international shots. During the French campaigns, Trump endorsed Le Pin for her nationalist politics and firm thoughts about international immigration. Sunday May 7th, 2017, the French people decided their fate. By a landslide, Macron took the vote. Although it seemed as though she was the front runner in the pre-poles, over 80% of French citizens preferred another candidate to Le Pen. Additionally, over 60% of French voted for Macron making it the most obvious electoral decision in years. It was not nearly that definitive with Hollande or even Sarkozy. There was a 37 point difference between Macron and Le Pen which demonstrates how inaccurate the pre-poles are. So what does this mean for the French people?

Seeing as Macron was barely on the political French radar 2 years ago, his young spirit and grounded personality will bring a fresh start to France. He is not only the youngest president in French history at 39 years old, he was able to successfully start his own movement. The movement, “Forward” was not endorsed by anyone. It was successful because of himself and a unified people that believed. This fresh face is sure to present France with hope and prosperity in a corrupt and uncertain world.


The Link Between Social and Search Engine Optimization

ValueMags is an agency with the intention of helping publishers increase their sales revenue. Along with forging relationships with partner, they also need to focus on search engine optimization. Since the emergence of the Internet, all businesses have invested in having a website. As search engines then became the norm people use to search for problems they have, businesses saw it as an opportunity to try different tactics to try to be ranked higher on search.

For those who have some experience in SEO, we know that Google does not give away their algorithm. That is in essence their secret sauce and that is how they maintain their competitive advantage. So people have their own theories on what are the best practices. Some have been tested and we know are true, but others are just myths. Social media marketers believe there is a relationship between SEO and social. One may believe that there is a correlation between highly engaged social posts and good performing content on the web. The key is to have an impeccable social media presence as well as captivating content with a growing community. These work together to increase your brand awareness, bring more traffic to your website as well as improve your customer service online.

It is quite evident that the key in anything being successful is a great strategy. This is even true for the type of content you should share. There are many ways to dictate if a post will have great engagement or not. ValueMags takes a look at what their competition is doing and seeing what kinds of posts gets them more shares compared to others. Also ask yourself what kinds of topics and themes your audience is most interested in. You can even share interesting industry metrics that is seasonal. For example, Valentine’s Day is coming up, therefore you can see buying patterns from past years and make an interesting correlation of which people would want to read about.

That being said, you shouldn’t expect success overnight. There is a lot or work, research, organization and strategizing to be done beforehand. When ValueMags wrote their first post, it did not get the traffic they wanted but with trial, they understood what works and what doesn’t work so much. Also keep in mind that SEO changes constantly to keeping up with the latest trends will make sure you are ahead of the curb.


What is ValueMags?

ValueMags is a marketing agency for magazine companies. We build ambitious and innovative platforms for magazine companies to achieve their goals and sell more. Founded in 1999 in the midst of the outbreak of the Internet and technology in every household, ValueMags created a premiere website for ordering and renewing magazine subscriptions online. Our website is easy to navigate and offers magazines with the lowest prices on the market, and is accompanied by the best customer service.

We specialize in and only sells or offers free fixed term magazine subscriptions. In other words, magazine subscriptions will never auto-renew. ValueMags simply sends an email and you have the option to renew your magazine subscription. Most importantly, no pressure and no tricks!

Should ValueMags do the contest this year? Comment below and let us know! What did you like and what didn’t you like? How can we make this better and more fun for you guys this year?

ValueMags also offers many free magazines and special offers. Visit our free magazine section to see what’s available.


Online Marketing Tactics

ValueMags, in the eyes of B2C, offers different kinds of magazines for subscription. Since they operate solely online, it is important for them to know how to forge relationships with different bloggers and influencers to grow their customer base. There are a lot of other tactics out there to help businesses with their online marketing.

Since it is not a static field, it is advised to keep learning about the different things you can keep doing with online marketing. There are new tactics and strategies to learn every couple of months so it is important to keep an eye out for the latest craze or the new big game changer. Content marketing is a must for all companies who want to stay relevant in this day and age. ValueMags has a site dedicated to only their blog. It is there they discuss relevant topics about their market and industry. Not only does it help with search engine optimization, it can increase traffic to your site where it would not have normally occurred.

Not every post you put out there will get you the same response. There will be times where some posts will have more engagement than others. This applies for everything you do online. Your email marketing, search engine marketing, social media, and your conversion rate optimization. All the actions you take will not garner the same response and the last one you did. Your marketing strategy has to be well executed in order to be the strongest.

When it comes to increasing conversion rates, people tend to get bogged down with the small things. This usually are things like the color of a button or an image. But the thing to really focus on is a remarketing campaign and video ads. For those of you who don’t know what remarketing is, it is exactly what the name implies. Whoever visited your site recently without converting will see your ad with an offer than would be hard to refuse. It is easy to get them to see the ads since you can use Google and Facebook to remarket to them.

ValueMags knows the power of specialized content since they are competing in the magazine industry. Video ads are a great way to show what you are all about to get people to remember your brand. The best videos will have the highest ad engagement and thus the best retention.


The Importance of Young Children Having a Consistent Bedtime

It is a common belief that parents would want to put their children to bed early in order to have some quality time together. But there are still a large amount of parents who do not set a specific bedtime for their children. According to a British study, a bedtime routine is best for your child to get them ready to sleep. In addition, having their bedtime set at the same time everyday will result in better behavior during the day.

The study consisted of young children between the ages of 3 to 7 years and those who did not have a consistent bedtime have negative long-term effects on behavior. When the bedtimes of these children were the most varying, the worse their behavior would get. The worse is putting children to bed late which is considered to be 9pm or later. The cause, according to their theory is that is impacts their circadian rhythm and thus interrupts the child’s physical and mental performance.

It is also important to put children to bed early for their brains to mature in order to regulate their behavior. Another drawback of putting your children to bed at different times everyday is the fact that they are going to get lower quality sleep that can interfere with brain development. The research has shown that this can cause negative effects later in life.

For those parents who have been a little slack with the sleeping patterns of their kids, they shouldn’t worry much. These effects can be reversible if action will be taken to improve the bedtime patterns. Keep in mind that once this is improved, so will their behaviors. It is more often than not the parents’ control when their children go to bed. Some reasons can be parenting styles, the family dynamic or environment, and digital screen time use before bedtime.

It is even a good thing for parents to be available to their children physically and emotionally to help them go to bed at a good time every night. Some examples can be with a bath, reading a book, using softer voices, lights and screens turned off. When children to go to bed early every night, it even helps them with self-discipline. It is even a good opportunity for the parent and their child to share a great connection while instilling bedtime routines and reading together.