Month: September 2016

Eating Well

Having trouble finding appropriate tips and trick to eating well that fits your lifestyle?

Eating well is not easy for everyone especially when one leads a busy lifestyle with lots of responsibilitie

It is easier to pick up fast food around the corner because it’s hot and ready. But is your body ready for it? Some may be seeing and feeling the negative effects of not properly energizing their bodie

Which tips and tricks best fit their lifestyles?

Eating Well Magazine is a magazine that takes into consideration all age groups and lifestyles. For more information about tips an tricks for YOUR lifestyle, visit


Dwell Magazine – For the Contemporary in you

Dwell Magazine is one of ValueMags five star magazines that is the first in North America to highlight both interior and exterior design ideas for the contemporary young adult! For more information about the magazine and subscription opportunities, add it to you cart here through this link:


ValueMags: Diversity and Happiness

The ValueMags teams has taken years to put together. Over the years, ValueMags CEO has personally met with all job applicants and employees. He personally fabricated the team to ensure that the team would work to the best of their ability and enjoy it. One of the key points that individuals always state when finding a job is that they care about who they are going to be working with. In reality, there are many individuals out there that aren’t doing their dream job but the people that they are working with make it worth doing. For ValueMags CEO, the purpose of putting together a sold team is to make sure everyone is using their strengths in working together towards a common goal. The magazine company is always looking for new applicants to diversify their team and add to the culture!


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