In the era of cyber dependence and screens at our fingertips, newspapers, books, and printing companies are going out of business. Everything is online now. The Internet has allowed companies to go completely virtual. When news and content is virtual, it is easier for the consumer to access; whenever, wherever, however they want.

Have you noticed which printed content market has only gotten bigger since the Internet?

The magazine industry. Magazines are still being printed and no major printing companies that work closely with the magazine market have downsized or shut down. The following are 3 reasons why print magazines are still working:

1.   The complete package

Magazines are the only printed or non-printed publications that bring together media, news, images and color, words, and emotions. Magazines are able to tell a story with a glimpse at the first page with the way they are designed and printed. Thus, they are highly engaging and keep consumers coming back for more. When articles are displayed on the Internet, it can lack authenticity and the design and engagement a printed magazine can offer.

2.   Public publishing schedule

Articles and magazines that are posted online often do not follow a schedule. They are posted at the author or publishers discretion. Whether they haven’t posted a story in a while or there were headlines that morning about a celebrity shooting, it is up to the organization. On the other hand, receiving print magazines in the mail or picking them up at the corner store is routine. The weekly or bi-weekly publication is to be expected by the consumer so they do not have to keep up themselves.

3.   Always available

Unlike online magazines and articles, magazines are portable. Some people have data plans and 3 or 4G however not everyone. Unless you have unlimited data, not having a hard copy can be retraining.

Printed magazines are the only market of printed products that continues to grow. Not only are hard copies always available, on time and offer everything a reader could want, magazines are easy to pass along, are bounded content and get people thinking and talking. Magazines have irreplaceable benefits that readers crave. Magazines remain the most powerful and engaging printed medium.