Shocking results for the majority of the world waking up on Tuesday morning. The media and every poll got it wrong. It is the first time in decades that America will be a united front meaning that the majority of Congress and all voting parties support their Commander and Chief. Are the results that shocking though?

Obama has accomplished milestones for America. The first black President received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, reformed health care with Obama Care, pinned down Bin Laden, negotiated a nuclear agreement with Iran, negotiated the world’s largest free trade agreement (TPP), reduced the United States deficit by one third over eight years to name a few.

An important topic that has been at the forefront of American politics for decades is job creation. Although Obama made progress from the storm Bush left him with, Americans have not felt the effects. Markets went up but their salaries did not. Neither did their profits, investments, or purchasing power for the most part. As a result, American’s appetite for change and risk grew throughout the years creating a status-quo vote on Tuesday.

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