In the most recent Better Home and Gardens issue, which can be redeemed for free through ValueMags, their health section details foot health, including tips to keep your feet the healthiest they can be. This feature is very important because, according to the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association, seventy-five percent of Americans will have foot health problems at least once in their life.
Feet are probably one of the most important parts of your body to take care of over the span of your life. To demonstrate how complex and important your feet are, consider these other facts from the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association:

  • Your feet make up one fourth of all the bones in your body—fifty-two bones altogether;
  • Each foot has twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, 107 ligaments, and nineteen muscles;
  • Sometimes, when you walk, the pressure on your feet exceeds your body weight;
  • When you run, this pressure can be up to three to four times your weight;
  • Walking is the best exercise for your feet; have a goal of eight to ten thousand steps daily;
  • If walking eight to ten thousand steps a day, the average person will have walked the distance of four times around the earth by the time they turn seventy.

As you can see, feet are much more complex than most people realize, which makes it even more important to take care of them. Since it is currently summer, let’s focus on a few tips specifically for feet in warm weather.
When pool trips start becoming more frequent, many people begin wearing flip-flops for their ease. However, flip-flops are not always the best shoes for your feet. The American Podiatric Medical Association says that wearing flip-flops at the pool and in places like public showers is highly recommended to avoid getting a foot infection. However, if you are going to be walking longer distances, flip-flops are not the best option, as they rarely offer enough support for your feet. In these cases, opting for shoes with more support, such as athletic shoes, may be the better option.
With warm weather also comes more opportunities to run outside. No matter what time of year, though, having the right kind of athletic shoes for running and any other sport is essential (especially when you think about the pressure of three to four times your weight pushing onto your feet). The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends different types of athletic shoes depending on what type of arch you have—low, normal, or high. If you are unsure about your arch, seek out a store that specializes in running and running shoes. Stores like these are often more helpful than general sporting stores because they often have equipment and specially-trained employees to help determine the right shoe for you.
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