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Are you an avid fisher? Do you use the Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service (ROFFS) to inform you of where you should fish and what the conditions will be like in each area you are considering? If so, the latest issue of Marlin, of which you can get eight issues for free on ValueMags, includes an interview with Mitch Roffer, the main person behind this entire system. Even if you are not the most enthusiastic fisher, this interview is interesting and relevant to many kinds of readers because it touches upon Roffer’s work at NASA and the impacts of different meteorological occurrences on our oceans.
As detailed on pages 19-24 of the July 2017 Marlin issue, Roffer was a person who had always loved the ocean and was often curious about it as a kid. Roffer told Marlin about how he started down the path he is now on: he got his Ph.D. and started fishing with some of the captains that had been asking him for help. After a little while, he realized he could charge people for his services and began to use his meteorological skills and his love for the ocean to grow a business.
Perhaps most notable is what makes ROFFS so unique. While many other forecasting services just show “…satellite images or uncalibrated models,” ROFFS adds emphasis and clarity through text, seemingly making the software more comprehensive and easier to use. When asked what makes ROFFS unique, Roffer answered, “We focus on detail; that’s the difference.”
These are just a few of the things that Mitch Roffer talked about with Marlin, allowing room for much more within the article. To check out more Marlin articles and to read the rest of this interview, go to the ValueMags website to get your free subscription!
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Looking to plant this summer?

Summer is here, which means more vegetables in season and more time to spend in the warm weather! In the June 2017 issue of Family Circle, which can be accessed for free on ValueMags, there is no shortage of tips and tricks to make this summer a great one. Within the many ideas is a vegetable challenge for families and some gardening tips that will be incredibly helpful, no matter whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

The veggie challenge, detailed on page four in the letter from the editor, resulted from a partnership between Family Circle’s sister magazine Eating Well and the Recipe for Success Foundation. Aptly named the Eat More Veg Challenge, their goal is to get as many families as they can to explore more vegetables and eat healthier by challenging them to try 30 different vegetables in 30 days, which is no small feat. If you’re interested in joining this challenge, download the VegOut! App and visit the ValueMags website to get your free subscription to Family Circle.

Among the multiple different gardening tips included in this issue, the main focus is on creating container gardens, which are made up of multiple pots of plants. While this may sound easy to some, Family Circle talked to a Home Depot garden associate, Danny Watson for some suggestions. Watson recommends three different kinds of plants for each container: thrillers, fillers, and spillers. Each type of plant has its own section and own function in the container. Thrillers are the main plant, living up to their name. Fillers are the littler plants that are put around the thriller plant, taking up any empty spaces and giving the potted plant a full look. Spillers are located at the lowest level of the plant, allowing them to hang down from the pot and creating an elegant look for your garden.

By using all three types of plants, your potted plants will be full of life and add greatly to any outdoor space. However, these are not the only gardening tips Watson gave Family Circle. There are many other aspects of gardening that Watson touched upon, from soil types and watering to picking out the perfect pot. If you’re not a Family Circle subscriber, visit the ValueMags website to get instant digital access to this month’s issue for free and check out the many other free magazines ValueMags offers.

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ValueMags has multiple sites that contribute to the success of their social media and customer service. Among those sites is ValueMags Cancel. ValueMags Cancel is a site which directs customers receiving unwanted magazines how to cancel the magazine. It is essential for the success of any company to have effective information on their websites like ValueMags. An informative website and web resources will allows individuals on the other end of a company’s screen to communicate with them quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions or concerns about magazines that you are receiving and did not explicitly order, please visit the link above. Your questions will be answered and you can contact the company with one email or phone call!

How the displacement of living organisms is affecting the world

Due to the effects of climate change, animals, microbes and plants are on the move. Recently a federal study has been conducted and found that spring is arriving as many as 20 days early in some parts of the United States.

Here is an interesting way to illustrate the change in climate. The first thing that responded was shrubs. Before the industrial revolution, alder and flowering willows indigenous to the Alaskan Arctic grew to only 3 feet. But as temperatures warmed with increased fossil fuel emissions, seasons that allowed for more growing lengthened. In turn, these shrubs multiplied and thrived to what they look like today to just over six feet tall.

The bigger shrubs attracted moose that were rarely seen in the Brooks Range before the 20th century. You can now see them hang around the Arctic river corridors where the vegetation has grown tall enough to appear through the many inches of snow. Moose are not the only animal that has moved over to the area since hares can also be easily spotted.

Hunters who live in this part of northern Alaska are having a harder time catching seal, which has been in their diets and a staple meal in their culture. But because they are harder to catch due to melting sea ice caps, these hunters are catching more mouse and hare.

This example is just one of thousands of ways human-caused climate change has transformed the lives of plants and animals. This in turn has an impact on the lives of humans and can be devastating at times. So in other words, as the climate warms up, species are moving to where, when and how they thrive. This is changing the way humans eat and is causing new disease risks, shacking up industries and changing how whole cultures use land and sea.

The instances for Malaria are increasing since mosquitoes are going to higher elevations due to warmer weather on mountain slopes. In addition, a tropical infection is being found in northern Texas as sandflies that carry the disease head north. It doesn’t stop there since agriculture is being affected as pests expand their range. For example, cabbage, kale and cauliflower fields are being devastated by diamondback moths grown by poor urban farmers.

In other food industries like coffee and wine, there is an increased threat of funguses and pests in new areas. Scientists are even blaming climate change to the spread of a weed called Johnson grass, which is very invasive and reduces the amount of legumes, corn and soybeans can grow.

How to produce better quality breast milk?

As a new mom, you will constantly be asking yourself questions to make sure your baby is doing fine. Some questions may be if your baby is getting enough milk or if you are producing enough. Since new moms have never breastfed before, it can feel uncomfortable since they have to deal with two bodies; theirs and the baby’s. Often times, it is normal to have more questions than answers. The best course of action is to see a lactation consultant to give you piece of mind. They can help you figure out if your milk supply is low or not. If is it, they can give moms advice on what to do to increase it.

There are certain foods that are known to increase milk production for mothers. But be careful on what you think is good for you and your baby. Sometimes certain supplements and lactation teas may have side effects. Alicia Simpson, a certified lactation consultant, has put together a list of foods that are known to help with lactation. It can help increase the quantity and quality of the breast milk.

Barley is the richest source of beta-glucan, which is known to increase the breastfeeding hormone. As you may know, beer is made out of barley but alcohol is known to hinder milk production so it is best to have it in other ways. Some examples of how to add it to your diet is to add are to soups, stews or salads. Barley malt is another great source of lactogenic beta-glucan. You can use it as a sweetener since it can be replaced for maple syrup. Fennel and fenugreek are other food sources that increase breast milk production. Fenugreek is a herb that is used most commonly in India and parts of the Middle East. There are many creative ways to have fennel in your diet. Since it has a black licorice taste, it can pair well with different types of foods.

Oats are the most commonly known breast milk producer after barley. They are one of the easiest ingredients to add to recipes. Papaya is another food that is known to be beneficial to breast milk production. Since this ingredient is being studied within recent years, the benefits are not quite known yet.

The Benefits of Taking Naps

Recently, Swisshotel, a hotel chain, has posted some compelling evidence on why you should be taking a nap during the day. There are a slew of benefits people who take afternoon naps get such as increased productivity, attentiveness and ability to recall information, just to name a few. Our bodies are actually programmed to have two periods of deep sleep a day; one in the early morning and one in the early-mid afternoon.

Unfortunately most people in North America do not have the luxury to take that second nap during the day. That is where Swisshotel comes in to offer a few tips on how to make the most of a quick hour-hour slumber. A third of people believe they are not getting enough sleep at night. There are even successful people throughout history that are known to be midday nappers.

Out of all mammals, 85% of species are known to sleep for short periods throughout the day. The way human’s sleep, with just one long period is considered an anomaly. This specific pattern is not the way we are naturally programmed to sleep. Most people may experience some drowsiness not because of lunch but due to the fact of the tuning of your natural circadian rhythm.

There are many benefits to napping. Even with just a 10-20 minute nap, it will improve creativity and reaction time. It will even lower the chance of making mistakes and prevent burnouts. There has been a study conducted by NASA proving that naps increase performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. It will even increase happiness, memory and helps with weight control. Naps even decrease the chance of heart disease, blood pressure and dementia. It even helps increase your immunity and help with damaged skin.

Did you know that there are different types of nappers out there? Depending on your lifestyle and your schedule, you can either be a planned napper, power napper, micro napper, emergency napper, habitual napper or a prophylactic napper. Some famous people who are strong advocates of napping are Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali and even John F. Kennedy.

Keep in mind a few pointers for a perfect nap such as keeping your nap to around 30 minutes long. If it is any longer, it can interfere with your night’s sleep and make you feel groggy. Make sure the environment you sleep in is comfortable and lie down since it can take you 50% longer to fall asleep upright.

Dealing with the struggle of food allergies

There is an increasing amount of children with food allergies. Raising kids with a certain kind of allergy for something considered common, is very stressful. If they eat the wrong thing, it can be fatal. Parents have had to deal with their children who have had a reaction to them consuming food they are allergic to.

The norm in schools is nowadays is to be nut free as well as having EpiPens on hand in case a child does come in contact with nuts. According to latest statistics, 2 out of 25 kids have some kind of food allergy and more than 1 out of 3 has suffered a severe reaction. Imagine the daily worries of parents on how to protect their children from the threats of food allergies when it is not always obvious as peanut butter.

A parent gives her account of her daughter getting a reaction from eating chicken. Her aunt had cooked chicken and let her hungry daughter have a taste. But little did she know, the chicken was dipped in eggs which she was allergic to along with peanuts, spy, shrimp and sesame. Within seconds her daughter started getting hives and was having trouble breathing. She thought with just the use of Benadryl and her inhaler, her daughter would be fine but she was in denial about the severity of the allergic reaction her daughter was having.

On the way home, it seems as though her daughter was feeling better after she had threw up once more. But the episode was not over since her daughter came into her bedroom late at night saying she was once again having difficulty breathing. This happened since she did not give her daughter her EpiPen quickly enough. The reaction got more severe and her daughter got pneumonia. Because she did not understand the severity of the reaction, it lead to this. From that point on, she made sure her house was nut free by double checking the manufacturers of the food facilities. Unlike eggs, nuts have a bad tendency to contaminate the surrounding environment.

In addition, she made sure all of her family and friends are trained in injecting the EpiPen in case something like the episode she went through does not happen again.

The Simple Things to do to Raise Well-Disciplined Children

Being a company based online, ValueMags has to find ways to be able to communicate with their target audience in order to be found. Social media is a great place to start and with the right content, your posts can get a lot of organic engagement.

Parents Magazine is a popular one that ValueMags is currently offering for free. With the countless great articles targeted for parents to be and current ones too, there will surely be valuable content for everyone. In their recent issue, they have an article on disciplining kids. It starts out with a woman who seems to have the secret to well behaved children. She claims it is all in the way you talk to them and tell them what you expect. They are still kids after all and will have their moments of misbehaving and throwing tantrums but it is up to the parent to know what to do next.

When a child is told what is expected of them in different situations, they adopt those expectations and expect the same for themselves. Children have a natural tendency to want to please their parents therefore, they will do what their parents have taught them. Experts have come up with four rules that parents should respect in order to have well disciplined children. The first one is to set firm rules by expecting certain behavior and respecting it yourself. It is important to tell them why you expect certain actions in a simple sentence. Once they do it, praise them well and follow these rules yourself. If your child feels bad for doing something wrong, don’t try to immediate make them feel better. That guilt is important is vital to knowing the difference between right and wrong.

The second tip is to build problem-solving skills by letting kids make decisions and encourage them to try and try again. It can be easier for you to do things for them like put away toys but it is important for them to practice without the parent.

The third tip is to help kids practice patience by making them wait and tell them what they are feeling. Even getting involved in activities that help with their patience like planting is great. Lastly, it is important to practice empathy. Since the founder of ValueMags has two young children of his own, he knows the value of articles like these.

Award-Winning Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine is now an award-winning magazine that not only captures the essence of the need for speed and passion but showcases all kinds of images from vintage to futuristic. The magazine is grabbing many reader’s attention so get on it soon!

Online Visibility

ValueMags is a company that offers an online service of being able to subscribe to different kinds of magazines in one convenient site. Since there are thousands of other online business owners wanted to be successful on the web, they are all competing for the attention of their target audience. Most of the time different industries can be going after the same group.
There are many ways to get the online public to notice you. The first step in this exercise is to know what are the keywords people are typing into search engines in order for them to find your services. When working with others and writing articles, it is important to keep including these keywords in the text somewhere so you can be associated with them.
Affiliate marketing is a great way to use your relationships with other sites for their audience to know about you. They can have an ad or mention your services on their site. For example, an influential blogger can mention your product offering to their readers and they can learn about you that way. Blogging has become an important aspect of online marketing that cannot be ignored. Companies, be it big or small, must have their own blog. They will be able to be seen as an influencer in their industry. It is a chance for them to create a rapport with the public and write about real issues.
Another way you can get more reach is through the use of pay-per-click advertising through Google. After someone types in the keywords you bid for, your site will come up on top. Each click on your result will cost you but people will be aware of your company and might even buy your product. Some companies might find this strategy too costly so they would much rather focus on social media marketing. The quality of your posts has to stand out over all other things people scroll through on a daily basis. An eye-grabbing caption or imagery should do the trick.

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