In the past couple of months, there has been a spike in the amount of individuals receiving magazines distributed by ValueMags. These individuals did not explicitly order the magazines though. ValueMags wants to make it clear to their current clients and others receiving their magazines that they have not bought your information nor do they have your billing information. The Tech Support team at ValueMags has been working with these individuals to cancel the magazine orders and track the source of the orders.

Although individuals did not explicitly order a magazine, they may have without realizing. Below are the two reasons as to why you may be receiving magazines from ValueMags:

  1. Partner Orders – The magazine you received was included at NO ADDITIONAL COST with your purchase from a partner of ValueMags. Because it was included by the partner, ValueMags was not given your billing information. ValueMags only offers free magazines. In addition, the subscription to the magazine will not auto-renew. It is likely that when you made a purchase from one of ValueMags partners, there was a checkbox to exclude all promotional items that was not checked off. ValueMags advises individuals receiving their magazines from partners to contact the partnering company as well and read carefully when making online transactions. ValueMags can also cancel the magazine with a simple phone call to: 1-(800)-303-0344.
  2. Promotional Offerings – The magazine being received was made through a sponsored online promo offering. Unfortunately, ValueMags can’t track the source of the sponsor offer which launched the magazine. It may be likely that someone signed up for the magazine on your behalf too. It is essential that receivers of these magazines understand that ValueMags does NOT have their billing information and they can unsubscribe by calling the number provided above.

For security purposes, ValueMags must mention that if you are receiving calls from a phone number that appears as the ValueMags phone number, it is not originating from them. If you have received unwanted telephone calls that appear to be from their number and are not from, we suggest contacting the Federal Communications Commission to file a complaint. Additionally, if your credit card is being charged with magazines or similar products that have a suspicious source, cancel your credit card immediately.

Again, ValueMags would like to emphasize that in both cases above, ValueMags does not have your billing or credit card information. There is no automatic renewal for this subscription. ValueMags has not bought your mailing address either. They have your information due to one of the previous reasons.