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Q: Why am I getting this magazine (partner orders)?

A: The [name of magazine] was included at no additional cost with your purchase from [Partner Name]. You have not been charged. We do not have your billing information. This subscription will NOT auto-renew. 

Please let us know if you wish to cancel.


Q: Why am I getting this magazine (promo/sponsored orders)?

A: Your subscription to [magazine title] was created through a sponsored online promotional offer.  Unfortunately, there is no indication which sponsored offer initiated the magazine, and someone could have signed up on your behalf.

 You have not been charged, and we do not have any credit card or billing information.  There is no automatic renewal for this subscription and you will not be billed for receiving the magazine. If you would like cancel this subscription, or have additional concern and questions, please click cancel above.


Q: “I’m getting a bill from the magazine and I never signed up for this.”

A: The mailing you received may be a renewal offer instead of a bill. If it is a renewal offer, you can simply disregard it if you have no intent of renewing.
These mailings are standardized and are received by all subscribers as they approach their expiration dates and often include statements regarding automatic renewals.  Automatic renewals only apply to subscribers who have provided payment information to the publisher for renewals.  We do not have your credit card information.
ValueMags does not automatically renew any subscriptions that are processed through our agency.
Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.


Q: “I think I’m getting this magazine because of a school fundraiser, but it’s the wrong magazine, what do I do?”

A: ValueMags is not currently partnered with school fundraisers.  The subscription you are receiving through our agency is not connected to any orders placed through fundraisers.  We recommend contacting the title ordered to confirm and understand the status of your subscription.
We are happy to help you with the title you are receiving through ValueMags.  Please contact us for further assistance.