There is an increasing amount of children with food allergies. Raising kids with a certain kind of allergy for something considered common, is very stressful. If they eat the wrong thing, it can be fatal. Parents have had to deal with their children who have had a reaction to them consuming food they are allergic to.

The norm in schools is nowadays is to be nut free as well as having EpiPens on hand in case a child does come in contact with nuts. According to latest statistics, 2 out of 25 kids have some kind of food allergy and more than 1 out of 3 has suffered a severe reaction. Imagine the daily worries of parents on how to protect their children from the threats of food allergies when it is not always obvious as peanut butter.

A parent gives her account of her daughter getting a reaction from eating chicken. Her aunt had cooked chicken and let her hungry daughter have a taste. But little did she know, the chicken was dipped in eggs which she was allergic to along with peanuts, spy, shrimp and sesame. Within seconds her daughter started getting hives and was having trouble breathing. She thought with just the use of Benadryl and her inhaler, her daughter would be fine but she was in denial about the severity of the allergic reaction her daughter was having.

On the way home, it seems as though her daughter was feeling better after she had threw up once more. But the episode was not over since her daughter came into her bedroom late at night saying she was once again having difficulty breathing. This happened since she did not give her daughter her EpiPen quickly enough. The reaction got more severe and her daughter got pneumonia. Because she did not understand the severity of the reaction, it lead to this. From that point on, she made sure her house was nut free by double checking the manufacturers of the food facilities. Unlike eggs, nuts have a bad tendency to contaminate the surrounding environment.

In addition, she made sure all of her family and friends are trained in injecting the EpiPen in case something like the episode she went through does not happen again.