Summer is here, which means more vegetables in season and more time to spend in the warm weather! In the June 2017 issue of Family Circle, which can be accessed for free on ValueMags, there is no shortage of tips and tricks to make this summer a great one. Within the many ideas is a vegetable challenge for families and some gardening tips that will be incredibly helpful, no matter whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

The veggie challenge, detailed on page four in the letter from the editor, resulted from a partnership between Family Circle’s sister magazine Eating Well and the Recipe for Success Foundation. Aptly named the Eat More Veg Challenge, their goal is to get as many families as they can to explore more vegetables and eat healthier by challenging them to try 30 different vegetables in 30 days, which is no small feat. If you’re interested in joining this challenge, download the VegOut! App and visit the ValueMags website to get your free subscription to Family Circle.

Among the multiple different gardening tips included in this issue, the main focus is on creating container gardens, which are made up of multiple pots of plants. While this may sound easy to some, Family Circle talked to a Home Depot garden associate, Danny Watson for some suggestions. Watson recommends three different kinds of plants for each container: thrillers, fillers, and spillers. Each type of plant has its own section and own function in the container. Thrillers are the main plant, living up to their name. Fillers are the littler plants that are put around the thriller plant, taking up any empty spaces and giving the potted plant a full look. Spillers are located at the lowest level of the plant, allowing them to hang down from the pot and creating an elegant look for your garden.

By using all three types of plants, your potted plants will be full of life and add greatly to any outdoor space. However, these are not the only gardening tips Watson gave Family Circle. There are many other aspects of gardening that Watson touched upon, from soil types and watering to picking out the perfect pot. If you’re not a Family Circle subscriber, visit the ValueMags website to get instant digital access to this month’s issue for free and check out the many other free magazines ValueMags offers.