Are you an avid fisher? Do you use the Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service (ROFFS) to inform you of where you should fish and what the conditions will be like in each area you are considering? If so, the latest issue of Marlin, of which you can get eight issues for free on ValueMags, includes an interview with Mitch Roffer, the main person behind this entire system. Even if you are not the most enthusiastic fisher, this interview is interesting and relevant to many kinds of readers because it touches upon Roffer’s work at NASA and the impacts of different meteorological occurrences on our oceans.
As detailed on pages 19-24 of the July 2017 Marlin issue, Roffer was a person who had always loved the ocean and was often curious about it as a kid. Roffer told Marlin about how he started down the path he is now on: he got his Ph.D. and started fishing with some of the captains that had been asking him for help. After a little while, he realized he could charge people for his services and began to use his meteorological skills and his love for the ocean to grow a business.
Perhaps most notable is what makes ROFFS so unique. While many other forecasting services just show “…satellite images or uncalibrated models,” ROFFS adds emphasis and clarity through text, seemingly making the software more comprehensive and easier to use. When asked what makes ROFFS unique, Roffer answered, “We focus on detail; that’s the difference.”
These are just a few of the things that Mitch Roffer talked about with Marlin, allowing room for much more within the article. To check out more Marlin articles and to read the rest of this interview, go to the ValueMags website to get your free subscription!
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