In this issue’s Showcase, we’re featuring finalists from last year’s The American Landscape photo contest. This year’s contest is now underway—visit to enter.

By John Dodson
An early-morning thunderstorm seen from Mohave Point on Hermit Road in the western section of Grand Canyon National Park. This dramatic storm moved from west to east along the north rim of the canyon while I watched safely on the south rim. These lightning bolts occurred a few seconds apart as they were captured with a lightning trigger on my camera. I composited in a portion of one of the bolts to convey the drama of the moment. It was as if I was watching a storm move across a movie screen from my vantage point, easily one of the most dramatic mornings I’ve ever witnessed in the Grand Canyon.

Nikon D800, Tamron SP 15-30mm F2.8 at 17mm, Gitzo 2541 tripod, Lightning Trigger LT-IV. Exposure: 1/10 sec., ƒ/14, ISO 320.