Being a company based online, ValueMags has to find ways to be able to communicate with their target audience in order to be found. Social media is a great place to start and with the right content, your posts can get a lot of organic engagement.

Parents Magazine is a popular one that ValueMags is currently offering for free. With the countless great articles targeted for parents to be and current ones too, there will surely be valuable content for everyone. In their recent issue, they have an article on disciplining kids. It starts out with a woman who seems to have the secret to well behaved children. She claims it is all in the way you talk to them and tell them what you expect. They are still kids after all and will have their moments of misbehaving and throwing tantrums but it is up to the parent to know what to do next.

When a child is told what is expected of them in different situations, they adopt those expectations and expect the same for themselves. Children have a natural tendency to want to please their parents therefore, they will do what their parents have taught them. Experts have come up with four rules that parents should respect in order to have well disciplined children. The first one is to set firm rules by expecting certain behavior and respecting it yourself. It is important to tell them why you expect certain actions in a simple sentence. Once they do it, praise them well and follow these rules yourself. If your child feels bad for doing something wrong, don’t try to immediate make them feel better. That guilt is important is vital to knowing the difference between right and wrong.

The second tip is to build problem-solving skills by letting kids make decisions and encourage them to try and try again. It can be easier for you to do things for them like put away toys but it is important for them to practice without the parent.

The third tip is to help kids practice patience by making them wait and tell them what they are feeling. Even getting involved in activities that help with their patience like planting is great. Lastly, it is important to practice empathy. Since the founder of ValueMags has two young children of his own, he knows the value of articles like these.