American brides-to-be, frequent and passionate boaters and other subscribers with particular interests who want to read the latest issue of their favorite magazine can today with the Chicago founded and established agency ValueMags. Launching a universal digital edition reader program, ValueMags is beyond excited to expand their consumer base. Whether reading Bridal Guide or Boating Magazines, “this will improve the user experience,” says ValueMags founder Andrew Degenholtz, who graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston.

Due to the new program’s digital editions security through click-based authentication, protecting published content from being shared with non-subscribers is much more efficient and secure as paid subscribers don’t have to download an app or create an account to login. Users of the database can additionally create their own private labelled digital archive, accessible on the publishers’ websites.

To add to easing the process of accessing magazines, the ValueMags Digital Replica Edition Program helps publishers maximize and immprove profits through sales as the platform supports third party e-commerce sales, sponsors paid subscriptions and offers extra editing products.

“The program is designed to maximize unique opens per digital issue,” explains Degenholtz. “This is accomplished by providing a universal replica edition that can be viewed on any device. It works on all mobile platforms and does not require Adobe Flash.”

Due to ValueMags’ new platforms convenience and mobility (can be accessed from any device without logging in), the ValueMags Digital Replica Edition Program has quickly increased user engagement. ValueMags has maintained engagement with its consumer re-marketing program that promotes the current issue to subscribers through various media partners.
 To learn more, visit ValueMags official site.